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April 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Bianca Wood - Courtesy of Warren Gibson and Bianca Wood.

Having begun her singing career in school already Bianca Wood is not stranger to the stage. Writing songs in high school spilled over into her university years where she did her Honours degree in Cabaret where she discovered her deep love for writing and an obsession with music. Bianca then ventured into musical theatre before her paths crossed with producer Damian Philips who suggested recording an album. Since then there has been no looking back. I had a chance to speak to the talented Bianca about a couple of her latest singles that has been cruising the airways.

Bianca Wood


Let's talk about your single 'Blue', it seems a very symbolic song?

Bianca: There's a story behind every song and this one came after quite a rough time. Regarding the actual meaning of the song, there's a space that you find as an individual where you can finally hear your thoughts clearly, where you know there is somebody out there who also gets that part of you. That is what sapphire bones refers to, someone who plays that role in your life and takes you to that space where, regardless of the bad things you've been through, there is always an element of hope and you know you can get through it.

Sapphire bones?

Bianca: We use the word blue as a symbol for a couple of things. The song opens with "You're my blue mark..." Which is a metaphor for a bruise while true blue is black and is a metaphor for that dark space we all have to go through to realise who we really are. Sapphire bones is the opposite of that, it's a beautiful blue, it's a crisp, rare and precious kind of blue. The video also incorporates that where me and Taryn, a friend of mine, are depicted in water and eventually switch places before being released out of the water.

“...There's a story behind every song and this one came after quite a rough time...” - Bianca Wood

I saw you were one of the directors of the video?

Bianca: That's right, Martin Venter and myself worked together on it and made it what it is. It was very interesting as we worked in layers, first doing the water layer, then on top of that we overlayed a few symbolic elements while in the last layer we added the shots of me and Taryn performing the song.

You have got another single coming out, tell me about that one?

Bianca: It's called 'The Comedown' and we've got really high hopes for the song. It is a little bit more fun and upbeat and has quite a house, very South African feel to it and was produced by Peach van Pletzen from Bittereinder. The song opens with "We're in the comedown and the moment's almost over", the premise of the song is basically about those last minutes of a party, when you've had a connection with somebody but the party is coming to an end but you'd like to continue talking to this person.

These singles are all part of an upcoming EP?

Bianca: Definitely, we're working towards an EP and hoping to launch the full product mid-year. Blue is currently doing quite well in Durban so we're definitely going to make our way there.

Who would you say is a source of inspiration?

Bianca: That's always a hard one for me to answer because I listen to a very broad variety. I suppose the current artists in the industry that I'm very influenced by is Brandon Flowers and Sia. I also love the 70's and 80's so I'm always listening to Yazoo and Peter Gabriel and all those guys.