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March 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Armand Joubert - Courtesy of Armand Joubert.

Almost a year ago I had the privilege of seeing a young man perform at the Lemon Jack Theatre in Centurion. Confident and charming, Armand Joubert left an undeniable impression on the audience as well as myself with his command of the stage and powerful voice. Fast forward eleven months and there he is on my television screen auditioning in front of a packed audience on the ever popular singing competition The Voice. With all the coaches turning their chairs, Armand was in the incredible position of choosing between four of South Africa's top artists. We caught up with Armand to talk about his journey into music as well as his most recent accomplishment of being on Team Karen.

Armand Joubert

Into You - Performing during the Blind Auditions for The Voice SA Season 2

Take me back to where it all started?

Armand: My mother was a singer herself when she was younger and one day when I was five years old discovered that I too have a talent for singing. My mom and dad got divorced when I was very young but that day she phoned him and said you've got to come over and hear this. That was my first memory of singing and I've been doing it ever since.

You've been making a name for yourself in the Afrikaans music industry, are you planning on moving towards a more mainstream English market?

Armand: I love Afrikaans music and have so much respect for the industry. It's part of my blood and have a new Afrikaans single coming out very soon. Having said that I would definitely also want to branch out into the English market. Singing in English comes very naturally to me and I plan to go international, that is something I would love to do. I have actually just been invited to New York and Spain so there are a few exciting things in the pipeline.

“...I'm new and fresh and have nothing to lose...” - Armand Joubert

What made you decide to enter The Voice and what influenced your choice of coach?

Armand: At this point I'm still an upcoming artist, not many people know about me so I really just want to get my name out there. The Voice provides such great exposure and it's also a way of getting into the English music industry. I decided that I want to put myself out there, I'm new and fresh and have nothing to lose. Karen Zoid is someone who really knows who she is, she is at the peak of her career. I love her music and the way she operates and that's why I chose her to be my coach.

Having heard you sing before I was a little surprised at your song choice for the audition?

Armand: Ariana Grande's Into You has an urban, R&B vibe to it and I have such a deep love for that kind of music. I chose that song because that's the type of music I want to make, it's such a great song, I love it.

What has your experience on The Voice been like so far?

Armand: It has been such an amazing time and we have an amazing team. Everyone that's coming into Team Karen are really getting along and are getting ready for the battles. The response that we've been getting from the public and the media has made everything so much more worth it, that has really been a highlight for me - this love and reaction from people.

I've heard you are also interested in acting?

Armand: I am, I did a little bit of acting for my music video that will be released soon but I've also been going for auditions and casting. Acting is a little out of my comfort zone, it's a whole new ball game. Being an actor is much more intense, I'm a little afraid of the unknown but that's why I know I have to go for it and get out of my comfort zone.