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July 2017. Interview by Marelis Jacobs. Cover: Jack Parow - Courtesy of Louise Crouse. Photography by Allister Christie.

“He might make mistakes, maar hy bly altyd great... and remember my friend not all heroes wear capes...” is just a taste of the tongue-in-cheek lyrics from Jack Parow's brand new hit, Super Van, written as theme song for the upcoming comedy Van Der Merwe. Marelise Jacobs spoke to the Afrikaans rapper about inspiration for the song, his brandy label and having his own festival in the Netherlands.

What made you decide to turn Van der Merwe into a superhero?

Jack Parow: He has so many different characters in the jokes, he is always going somewhere else or doing something else. Van really lends himself to being more of a superhero kind of character because of all the different things he does. He can basically do anything, he can slot himself into any situation.

Did you read the script or meet the cast to get some inspiration for writing the song?

Jack Parow: I met with director Bruce Lawley who told me what the story was about but I think I wrote it purely out of a point of view of I already knew what it was about. We all grew up with those jokes, with that person and he almost becomes a character in your life.

“...He can basically do anything, he can slot himself into any situation...” - Jack Parow

You have a few things going on outside of music, how is your Parow Brandy doing?

Jack Parow: It has been going great. It is a difficult business, alcohol is quite a cut-throat market and everyone wants their share of the pie but I love it. Just to create the brandy and to have my own brandy is the best and coolest thing ever. It is doing amazingly well, the feedback and support has been glowing. I don't even have words except to thank everyone, it has been insane.

Tell me about the Parow Fest happening in the Netherlands later this year?

Jack Parow: I have been touring there for so long, about as long as I have been touring here so the audience has really been built up. The fanbase is on the same level, if not bigger than it is actually here in South Africa so it is crazy. Live Nation and Mojo in the Netherlands gave me my own festival which is amazing and mind blowing. It is going to be one big show in Utrecht on 4 November. We started selling tickets a little over a month ago and we have already sold out half the tickets.

Any new projects we should know about?

Jack Parow: My new album is being released later this year. It is called Africa for Beginners and we're just busy finishing it up. It will drop probably around September or October.