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February 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Locnville - Courtesy of Sarah Zollner.

With 2016 seeing release of their latest album Taste the Weekend, Locnville gave their fans a taste of new things to come with reviewers hailing it "their best and most powerful album to date". With catchy singles like Cold Shoulder featuring Sketchy Bongo, it's easy to see why. We spoke to successful duo Brian and Andrew Chaplin about the album, what's on the horizon and what lies in store for their record label ContraBanned.

You've been busy promoting your album Taste the Weekend, how has that been going?

Brian Chaplin: It’s been fantastic, the reception to the album has been amazing which is a great feeling, because we put a lot of time into the album, so when it gets received well it makes it all worth the while.

Andrew Chaplin: It's really been amazing. It's an album that's a game changer in my opinion. It’s the opening into the new era of Locnville and everything we're doing with ContraBanned.

“...The plan is obviously to go bigger and better...” - Andrew Chaplin

For this album you got co-producers on board, why was that?

Brian Chaplin: I would say mostly to get a bit of a broader sound. We've produced so much music over the years that sometimes it's nice to get fresh ideas from other people.

Andrew Chaplin: We're constantly so busy on so many projects that we can get clouded as to what we want a record to sound like. It's always great to get someone else's input which can inspire another thought and so on.

What's the plan for your next album?

Brian Chaplin: The plan is obviously to go bigger and better. There isn't a new Locnville album in the works just yet, because we're mostly focusing on the new label, ContraBanned, but I can assure you that when it comes out, it will be the best Locnville material yet.

Andrew Chaplin: At the moment we're not solely focused on Locnville material but more on ContraBanned content. So the next album we're putting together is actually more of a showcase / compilation album of everything under the CB stable. It's a very collaborative project with an awesome sound developing.

Tell me more about ContraBanned, what's the goal and what kind of artists are you looking to sign and promote?

Brian Chaplin: The goal is to create more than just a record label. It’s more of a brand that handles a lot of different aspects in the entertainment industry. We're involved in publishing, recording, distribution and events, and that's just the beginning. We aren't looking for any single type of artist in particular; we're just looking for great music that people will enjoy.

Andrew Chaplin: ContraBanned has been around for a long time and is our publishing company. We've recently expanded that into a production house and record label. We're looking for stuff that hasn't been done before, and artists who are really looking to take their sound to the next level.