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May 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Dave Scott from The Kiffness - Courtesy of Yvonne Loxton from

Having started The Kiffness in 2010, Dave Scott has worked hard to make the band a household name. As one of South Africa's favourite live electronic bands, they have had great success after releasing their debut album in 2013. With a new album in the works and a new line-up in the band, The Kiffness has been gigging all over South Africa and is set to play at this month's MTN Bushfire alongside GoodLuck, Matthew Mole and Hugh Masekela. I spoke to Dave about the festival, his music and what he has been up to the last few months.

The Kiffness

You Say You Love Me Ft. Tawanna Shaunte

Tell me about the new structure of the band?

Dave: The Kiffness has always been my project, I have always been behind all of the music and that kind of thing. I actually just come back from Lush and Splashy Fen where I performed two solo gigs. There is the DJ set and then there is also live performances with Raiven Hunter or Clem Carr joining me. We even have a thing with Mathew Gold where he joins us every now and then as a vocalist. So the band structure is continuously evolving and I think it is a real plus being so malleable and able to morph and change.

To cut a long story short though, my band member for the past two years, Clem, has moved to Joburg to focus mainly on his own project called The City. He will be working with my friend and collaborator Tresor. With Raiven, we have been friends and collaborators for a long time but couldn't work together while he was in GoodLuck. So when he left that band I got in touch and asked if he wants to perform on a more full-time basis.

You mentioned performing at Splashy Fen, I've been hearing good things about that festival?

Dave: The last time I played there was in 2015 and I must say the new organisers have done a lot in a short space of time. I think the new guys are really on the ball. The production value on the stages was just multiplied from what I have experienced before. Splashy Fen is probably one of my favourite festivals just from this last experience, and it is also the first time that it hasn't rained.

“...I wasn't expecting to do a gig or anything like that but a friend of mine saw that I was in Vietnam and suggested I do a show...” - Dave Scott

I saw you were recently in Vietnam?

Dave: December was pretty insane, it was really busy so I thought it would be a good opportunity to take some time off with my wife. We really had a good time. I wasn't expecting to do a gig or anything like that but a friend of mine saw that I was in Vietnam and suggested I do a show. We managed to organise a show on St. Patrick's day which is quite well celebrated there. I never know what to expect when I rock up at a show, I just treat every show exactly the same, whether I am playing to ten people or ten thousand people, it makes no difference to me. I ended up having a really cool show there. When I rocked up there was a couple of hundred South Africans, that was very unexpected.

Your previous album came out two years ago, are you working on a new one?

Dave: I am handing in my new album soon so it should be ready by June or July. That is the plan but I am still finalising everything. The last album I wrote was in 2014, so it has been about three years and that is generally how long it takes me to complete an album. Our last big single was You Say You Love which is going to be on the new album and then we have a bunch of exciting collaborations in the pipeline.

Anything you can mention?

Dave: There is a song with Moonchild which I think is going to be quite an exciting song just because it is very different to anything I have produced previously. It is like fusion of Afro House and I don't know what else, you will just have to wait and hear it. There is a lot of interesting stuff on this album. There was quite a few radio hits on my previous album but I feel like I am moving away from writing music with the idea of wanting to get it onto radio and instead just writing music that comes naturally. Obviously it is good to have your stuff play on radio, but it shouldn't be the end goal. It is always a balance of writing music that you are proud of and keeping your integrity if you eventually want to get it onto radio. If I write a song that I enjoy and it ends up getting on radio then that is a bonus, but it definitely isn't the end goal.