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April 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Jimmy Nevis - Courtesy of Toni-lee Crowster.

Few South Africans have made their mark on the music scene like Jimmy Nevis. The super talented singer-songwriter has become a household name in a very short space of time with hits like Elephant Shoes, Heartboxing and the very catchy 7764. Accompanied by well-crafted music videos, Jimmy Nevis knows how to navigate the industry. Now with his new single Don't Wanna Fight on our airwaves, I decided to ask Jimmy a few questions.

Jimmy Nevis

Don't Wanna Fight

There seems to be a lot of meaning behind your new single?

Jimmy: The song is about honesty. It is really just about acknowledging the real beyond the fake. Acknowledging that we sometimes play so many roles in our lives and we act out different versions of ourselves. Don't wanna fight is just me saying that I don't want to fight between different parts of me. I want to just be me, as I am.

It is difficult to live a life of truth, we lie to ourselves at times. What keeps you honest and able to be authentic?

Jimmy: I think honesty is scary and demands a lot of courage. If you are able to face honesty then I think you are able to allow yourself to grow. Growth and change make us real. The realness is what is authentic, and sadly often overlooked.

“...When you hear my songs I want you to see life through my lens...” - Jimmy Nevis

You are still so young and already made it very far in the music industry, what has been the difference between you and other musicians struggling to get to the top?

Jimmy: I think at the end of the day work ethic is important but what separates me is my creativity. I put a lot of time into my lyrics and MT production. When you hear my songs I want you to see life through my lens.

God plays an important role in your life, what does spirituality mean to you?

Jimmy: It's everything. My calling is music and since day one I've just trusted God. I don't always know what I'm doing but I believe in the journey and I know I'm being taken care of.