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June 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Chad Da Don - Courtesy of Sarah Zollner. Photography by Tegan Smith. Cover design by Perkolate. Additional images by Freepik.

Born and raised in Pretoria, hip hop artist Chad Da Don is making waves in the local music scene with his hard-hitting lyrics and unmistakable flow. After being catapulted into the local music scene with the release of “Hola” together with Cassper Nyovest, Chad has moved on to sign with Brian and Andrew Chaplin of Locnville fame on their record label titled ContraBanned. I spoke to Chad about his recent single "Whisky and Soda" and collaborating with Locnville.

Chad Da Don

Whiskey & Soda ft Locnville

When did you start working with Brian and Andrew and why the move to ContraBanned?

Chad: I was working with Brian and Andrew about the same time when I was starting at Family Tree which was around 2014 and then we released Waisted together. I just feel like we were making better music and that is where my music actually suited me. Brian and Andrew have been my friends for quite a while and I just love their production and they love my rapping. I thought that would make a great team and they did too.

ContraBanned has released a collaboration EP, what can you tell me about it?

Chad: The EP is called African Icon and it is a four track record. There are a few artists on there including myself, Locnville, Djenga and as well as Moonchild.

“...There is a lot of music coming from me this year, that I can promise...” - Chad Da Don

Tell me about the single Whisky & Soda?

Chad: We were working over the festive season and making some dope music. It was just after Christmas and we were sipping on whisky and soda. We just came up with the song in a very cool, having-fun vibe and that is why it came out very chilled. We speak about working while others are on holiday. It was a very cool, easy environment and I feel everybody can relate.

The single is very well produced, it must be great working with those two?

Chad: They are honestly the best producers around. You don't get better than them because they have been doing it for so long and as for as experience goes, talking about production and songwriting, they know exactly what it takes.

How are you doing now?

Chad: I'm cool, I hurt my hand badly and got a lot of whiplash but I am living and breathing so that is all good, that is what counts.