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July 2017. Images and story provided by Tickybox Media.

The Rise of Lolo M.

Introducing Lolo M. with her powerful and uplifting debut single Kudala, taken from her upcoming album entitled 'Rise'. This is her first offering in the music industry, and she hopes that it will resonate with each and every ear that hears it. The song is about giving thanks to her elders.

Lolo M. (née Lorraine Tokwana) was born in the small township of Mfuleni, only 40kms from the big city hub of Cape Town. As many South African musicians, Lolo started and strengthened her singing talent at her local church at a very young age. She experienced stages of various sizes and the limelight whilst travelling and performing as a member of her father’s band.

She developed her skill in singing and performance over the years, and recently took a keen interest in song writing after being inspired by her journey on South African Idol in 2009. To those close and distant, she is known for her love for music. And being a believer, she has served as a Praise and Worship leader for as long as she can remember.

Her style of music is influenced by the different genres she was exposed to at an early age in her life. One could coin it as a smooth synthesis of Contemporary Jazz and African Choral music. She firmly believes that one cannot put music into a box, and so the most important thing is to make good music, regardless of genre or style.