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May 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Karla Bosch - Photograph courtesy of Karla Bosch. Design by Perkolate Online. Additional images from Freepik.com

When it comes to the fashion industry, Karla Bosch seems to be doing it all. From fashion editor, stylist, brand ambassador to blogger, Karla is in the unique position of discovering some of the country's most exciting new talent. I wanted to find out more about the life of a fashion editor and sat down with Karla for a quick interview.

Please tell me a little about yourself and why you chose fashion as a career path?

Karla: I was a small town girl living in the Free State for 18 years. I then went on to study in Klerksdorp in 2012 for my 3 year degree at North West School oF Design in Fashion Management, Communication and Buying. The college is also known for their top designer graduates like Gert-Johan Coetzee, Anel Botha and Kobus Rautenbach just to name a few. During my first year of studying and being surrounded everyday with fashion it motivated me to start with my fashion blog, expressing myself, motivating others and making mistakes while teaching myself. Fashion as a career path was not always what I wanted to go study originally but it was indeed one of my biggest passions, so when the opportunity came I seized it with both hands. My view is that the industry connects with all the other creative industries, ones that I also have a passion for such as the music and drama/theatre industry. My mother was, and still is, one of my role models and greatest influencers as to how and why I found the passion for fashion and arts and continue doing so.

“...It is really a bonus when your photographer can put a model at ease...” - Karla Bosch

You have been involved at a number of South African magazines, what does that role entail? How involved are you in the creative process of putting the features together?

Karla: The first time I had any involvement with a magazine was in my second year of studies. I had the opportunity to be part of the Get It Magazine (Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp & Parys) editorial team as the head stylist, where I styled the February fashion shoot’s issue. This increased my willingness and determination to grow and learn more about the fashion side of magazine / print media in the industry. Throughout the years I have built and set goals for myself and my online image using my established blog, freelance styling and social media accounts. In 2016 I was contacted to be the Fashion Editor and stylist for the relaunch issue of the South African Afrikaans magazine, BELLA and this year I started working as the fashion editor and stylist for the new print and app magazine, BLOSS Magazine, which is a first of its kind. This big role of mine entails all things fashion-related in the magazine, from the writing to the fashion shoot styling and sometimes even the cover shoot. I am fortunate to be working alongside the lovely #girlboss and owner/editor herself, Magdie Raats. She has so much experience in the media/print industry and she always guides me as we go.

Who are some of the most exciting fashion photographers you have worked with/or would like to work with, and what makes them exciting?

Karla: There are so many photographers I can think of who I have worked with and still would like to work with one day. I started working with Donovan Roets in early 2012 on numerous occasions. He is so professional, kind hearted and don’t forget funny. He will put anyone at ease very quickly. It is really a bonus when your photographer can put a model at ease. A photographer whose work I loved seeing in the BELLA was of course the young, beautiful and professional Hanri Human. There is just something different about this girl’s work. She can take any photo and make it look like a top Vogue cover scene. Then there’s Giselle Hammond from Gee Lady. This is one talented and funky girl who I would still love to work with in the future. There are so many awesome photographers I can think of! I also love to discover new talent on a daily basis and to share their work with my friends and followers.

What do you do to stay on top of fashion trends, and is there a noticeable difference between local and international trends?

Karla: I wouldn’t necessarily say I like to stay on top of fashion trends but I do like to browse a lot through internet sites of top designers, international magazines and pop culture influencers’ accounts and get inspired in my own style. Current trends I never take as it showcases, I like to combine it with the current trends that is still showing and available in South Africa and start my own “little vibe”, as I call it. In South Africa we are very aware that we are one season behind the rest of the world. We are fortunate though to have access to numerous global online sites and globally known stores like for example ZARA and H&M. That makes it easier for us to get even more inspired with what is globally on trend and in store and even what was on trend when for example the US had winter the previous year. These days it is much easier to stay on trend and what is happening around the world than what to was 10 or 20 years ago for the average shopper.

What is your favourite local fashion event / showcase and why?

Karla: I studied at a college known for starting the first local student fashion festival. I was fortunate the have been part of this festival, Platinum Fashion Festival, for each year since it has launched. This is the perfect place to see where designers start and grow and become the next Gert-Johan Coetzee or even Anel Botha. I am very supportive of new and upcoming talents in this industry, we all just need someone to believe in us to keep on going and pursuing our dreams. I prefer sometimes smaller showcases or events than big local ones, it is more real and intimate for me.