Suzaan Heyns Perkolate Online

May 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Suzaan Heyns - Photograph courtesy of Suzaan Heyns Designs. Cover design by Perkolate Online

Bringing her own style and flair to the world of fashion design, Suzaan Heyns has created a unique brand that is draws more from structure than fashion. With the arts and architecture in particular playing a big role in Suzaan's designs, her work is a process of construction for three dimensional movable forms. I had the pleasure of speaking to Suzaan about her work and the stories behind her beautiful designs.

Your designs have in the past been associated with architecture, is that still a theme you like to work with today?

Suzaan: I have always been inspired by sculpture and architecture and not by fashion per se. I think what I really like about architecture is the fact that it is like construction. I approach making clothes in a way where construction is very important to me. Be it in a soft fabric or something that has a little bit more body, it is very much a mathematical construction process. Looking at architecture or sculpture or any of those disciplines, it is always about innovation. Taking that into a whole other medium I would like to, instead of being defined by fashion, look at the world around me. Architecture in essence is iconic in that it is something we are forced to look at everyday and finding inspiration in that is something very important to me. It is not really about the bricks and mortar but the process behind it. As designers and architects, we start from an approach of seeing whether it is functional but can we still push the boundaries? I think that is where the relationship between design and architecture lies. I always tell my clients that my designs are architecture for a three dimensional movable form.

“ a creative I am not necessarily stimulated by fashion alone but all the other arts around me...” - Suzaan Heyns

What projects are you currently concentrating on?

Suzaan: At the moment I am focusing more towards couture and bridal. It is a new aspect of the business and I enjoy it very much. Each girl is a completely different project and you can get quite creative with it. From the beginning right till the end it is such a fun, happy, joyous experience. I think we owe it to the women out there to say you can have a classic gown but you can still do something that is different. I am also working on a project with Swarovski that will be launching towards the end of the year. It is quite a fun project because we are trying to push the boundaries of what Swarovski can offer and it is an incredible product to work with.

You have an interesting logo, what is the meaning behind it?

Suzaan: It is the dagger symbol used in literature, something I am very inspired by. It basically means it is the end, it is a suffic, meaning it is final and I think it has a very strong connotation. As a child I used to carry around Norton's Anthology of Poetry, that was what I did in my break time. I would just sit and read poems. As a creative I am not necessarily stimulated by fashion alone but all the other arts around me and that is very important as it creates a lot of depth for me as a designer.

With a graphic designer as husband you must have a very interesting household?

Suzaan: Our household is very creative. Both of us are also artists, he makes a little bit of music too and we are very much into interiors as well so we cover all of the arts in this house. I have known him since I was seven. We were in the same school together, we were the weird kids in an Afrikaans rugby-focused school. It is a very creative space we live in now.