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July 2017. Story and images provided by Phoenix Paranormal.

Top 5 Haunted Places

Investigated By Phoenix Paranormal South Africa

5. Old Rec Hall

The year 1914 proved to be the start of difficult times. Three hundred and eighty one European employees were discharged for provoking industrial disturbances at the mine. When the price of diamonds plummeted during the outbreak of World War 1 in Europe in August 1914, all operations at the Premier mine were suspended. On the 16th January 1916, Premier Mine resumed production and in 1917, the De Beers Consolidated Mines acquired a controlling interest in the Premier mine. During 1918 nearly every family of the Cullinan communities lost a member to the virulent flu epidemic.

phoenix paranormal perkolate online
phoenix paranormal perkolate online

After the war ended in 1945, many POW's elected to stay on in South Africa , though only 30,000 were eventually permitted to remain. About 264 prisoners were buried in the Italian military cemetery just outside Cullinan. Throughout the years the descendants of the many Italian POW's have been making an annual pilgrimage to the Italian War Cemetery.

Listen carefully if you venture into the empty bar area of this venue, as you may hear disembodied voices of a man. Here we have also captured on a handheld camera a very dark shadow flying past us. Oh and do try and stay out of the basement beneath the stage. Whatever is haunting this space, is not of a friendly nature, and we have had some scary personal experiences there!

4. The Lindfield Museum

The Lindfield Victorian House Museum is an original Herbert Baker home in Johannesburg that has been decorated precisely as it would have been more than 100 years ago. Stepping into its halls is like stepping back in time.

phoenix paranormal perkolate online
phoenix paranormal perkolate online

Unfortunately you are also stepping into a hotbed of paranormal activity thanks to all the antiques being housed there. Here we have heard audible, loud growling next to us (all heard on various investigations, by different investigators). Do not touch the Tibetan Skull Drum in the museum part of the house, as we have touched it to take a closer look, and caught an EVP that same night of an angry male saying in chanting voice “How can you pick that thing up”. We have also been thrown with a copper object in the doll room, had personal feelings that would typically be associated with high EMF’s in the house (although our reader showed a normal baseline reading), and it is not uncommon there to get a red rash all over your face and neck, except for where your cross necklace would hang.

3. The Raadsaal

The Raadsaal Building is located on the south-western corner of Church Square and forms an important part of the historical architectural character of early Pretoria. On 1 May 1860, Pretoria became the seat of government of the Transvaal Republic. Originally the site was occupied by a simple elongated thatch cottage with end gables and a front verandah, which remained in use until 1889, when it was demolished to make way for the new government building. The many hallways and staircases that form a maze through the building are all richly decorated, from the balustrades to the doorknockers. There are even the original hooks for tethering horses outside the entrance.

phoenix paranormal perkolate online
phoenix paranormal perkolate online

What we can confirm is there seems to be an oppressive atmosphere in the holding cells below, with the occasional disembodied moaning to be heard. This place is also haunted by an extremely negative, and powerful entity which likes to make its presence known by growling, paralyzing people and a foul, acidity stench.

“... What we can confirm is there seems to be an oppressive atmosphere in the holding cells below, with the occasional disembodied moaning to be heard...” - Phoenix Paranormal

2. Breytenbach Theatre

This place never ceases to amaze and scare!! We have often found that once we have investigated a place, the paranormal activity would decrease. Breytenbach Theatre is the exception. Starting out as a German club, the building was then taken over by Emily Hobhouse to create a weaving and craft school. Then a temporary hospital was opened to assist all those affected by the tragic flu epidemic of 1918.

phoenix paranormal perkolate online
phoenix paranormal perkolate online

Eventually the Breytenbach Theatre was established, being used as a film and artists' studio before staging its first production in 1958. Today the actors share the stage with a more unearthly figure... The cellar below the stage once housed the bodies of those who succumbed to the flu, including that of a Nurse named Heather. She was in charge of the children who were admitted to the hospital with the flu in 1918 and eventually caught the disease herself. After her death, she never left her post, patiently waiting to care for any sick child that needs her.

Here we have captured EVP’s of “help me” or growling, experienced feelings of being nauseous and ill, being scratched, something following you around, poltergeist activity, heavy object manipulation, sounds of a ghostly piano playing, children laughing and crying, and even the apparitions of little children running around the stage and that of Nurse Heather. When you do venture below the stage which once housed the bodies, you will experience sadness and seeing shadows darting from the corner of your eye. Be careful when you wander around this theatre on your own, as we can guarantee that you will definitely not be alone, and may even be touched by an unseen hand.

1. 100 Year Old Hospital

A suicide room, slamming doors, singing, footsteps, scratching, shadow people and an apparition of a little girl in a white dress.. These are just some of the activity that we have witnessed in this abandoned hospital. But what makes this place the most haunted on our list? We believe that there were at least a thousand deaths in this derelict building, and after it was a hospital, they also treated the mentally insane.

During the investigations, two people had to be escorted outside of the building as extreme emotions and fear had overcome them. We once also captured on our Kinect, a very tall male figure, making naughty, suggestive movements with his body and hands, next to our female investigator.

phoenix paranormal perkolate online
phoenix paranormal perkolate online

Rolling thunder and damaging winds would rip through this empty building, just adding to the eerie atmosphere we were faced with during that night. But it seems that not all ghosts who dwell the long hallways are of a negative kind. Reportedly a nurse is haunting the hospital, attending to any sick patients who might need her. An EVP of a sad girl was also captured in one of the wards: “Help dis donker, ek kan nie hier binne sien nie”.

We also captured an EVP of a man saying “theatre”, and across from where we captured this EVP, we investigated a room where the skull and blood of a goat were placed in the corner. One of our investigator’s was pushed down on his knee so hard by an unseen force, that pain forced him to go the doctor that following week. The X-Rays then revealed that he had an existing problem with his knee, and if they didn’t treat it then, he would not have been able to use that particular leg in the future.

We have investigated this place twice, and unfortunately access to the public is now completely restricted. We can only hope that the restless specters of those haunting the grounds of this hospital, will find rest for their tormented souls…