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July 2017. Story and images by Tracy McQuarrie.

No One Like Nathi

They say dogs ask for so little but deserve so much more. This is especially true when it comes to Nathi. He joined the Dogtown SA family after being surrendered because of his penchant for chasing sheep. You see, he wasn’t taught not to chase those four-legged fluff balls so you can’t really blame him for wanting to make them his play mates. And he never meant them any harm – he was merely being an inquisitive little monkey who didn’t know any better. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time cuddling a cute little lamb anyway?

However, Nathi’s previous family did not take kindly to his antics and were not very nice to him because of the “sheep incidents”. This resulted in his confidence taking a bit of a blow, but like all good men, he rose to the challenges that were dealt to him and he persevered. Time heals all wounds and Nathi has certainly come a long way since joining us. He is slowly gaining all of his confidence back and is learning so much at the same time.

“...He loves making new friends and will never forgo a good cuddle...” - Tracy McQuarrie, Dogtown SA.
To adopt Nathi, contact Tracy at 076 044 1979

He is now ready for a home of his own and needs to be with a family who will show him that he is loved and adored and that he deserves only gentleness and affection. Preferably, a family with no sheep :)

This young man has a thirst for life and is so playful but is also extremely loving. He loves making new friends and will never forgo a good cuddle. It’s so easy to fall in love with him and we are sure you will agree after spending just a few minutes with him. Why not come say hello? Your new best friend awaits!