Fiat 500 Perkolate Online

July 2017. By Dewald Jacobs. Cover: Interior of Fiat 500 - Photography by Dewald Jacobs. Exterior photograph sourced from

Review: Fiat 500

The Perkolate Online team headed of to Midrand to test drive the Fiat 0.9 Twin Air Turbo, or more commonly known as the Fiat 500. One of our younger team members volunteered to help during the test drive as she is eager to buy the Fiat 500 as her first car. This car has been on the market for the last few years, but never seems to lose its appeal.

The Fiat 500 is a small, stylish, retro car that definitely attracts attention. It is the type of car that you can park at a fancy café next to the yuppies with their exotic sports cars. The retro interior of the car is so neat that it compliments your Prada hand bag, La Costa shirt or even SMEG retro freezer in your kitchen. Fiat 500 may even be a fashion accessory for the super models.

fiat 500 Perkolate Online

There is much more to the Fiat 500 than just its looks. When you turn on the ignition, it idles like a sports car and once on the move it has a very smooth engine. The engine is so relaxed that one can stop at the red line without realising you had to change a gear. The interior of the car is also very pleasing, where you feel safe within a friendly, retro cocoon. The car we tested only comes out with two doors, exluding the boot, which was not seen as sufficient for our young test driver who wants to pick up her friends when going to parties.

Based on our test drive findings, we give the car a 4-Star Perkometer Rating in our Small Affordable car segment test. The Perkolate team feels that the Fiat has style and was definitely the most fun do drive.