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February 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Edith Venter. Courtesy of Edith Venter.

The epitome of determination and efficiency, Edith Venter effortlessly made the transition from top flight secretary, to executive wife, society hostess and most recently, formidable business woman. With her boundless energy, she is a highly sought after motivational speaker and role model to millions of South African women. Perkolate got the opportunity to speak to Edith to find out how she manages to do it all while still remaining the picture of grace and beauty.

Where did the concept for Edith Unlimited start, and how did you choose your partner Moroesi Leboela?

Edith: It started in 1999 when I decided it was time to do something as a business and not only as charity. A wonderful friend, Andrew Farr, who has subsequently passed on gave me a push and said I should start an events business. My sons were growing up and leaving home and because I am not a “sit at home” kind of person, I decided I wanted to open a business and keep myself busy. I started Edith Venter Promotions in 1999 for fun! I have never looked back and have enjoyed every moment.

Moroesi Leboela started working with me many years ago as an intern. She left for a little while to pursue other career options and have a baby. I was very happy when she called a few years ago and asked if she could come back to work at Edith Unlimited (we rebranded a few years ago). Moroesi has been an anchor and brings wonderful positive energy to the workplace. She is the daughter I never had.

“...I had a wonderful mentor, my mother, who taught me to never be arrogant but rather humble and always to treat people with respect no matter who they were...” - Edith Venter.

How do you balance your days and where do you go to unwind?

Edith: I get up early in the morning and try to be as organised and well prepared as possible. I am a very energetic person so being busy and hard working comes easy. I do exercise at least three times of the week with two great trainers, Shirley Turner and Renee, at Off The Wall Kinesis Studio. If I really want to unwind I go to my most favourite place in the world, Thornybush Game Lodge – this is my little “piece of heaven”.

Which projects have been a highlight and why?

Edith: One of the most special events was the very first one we did which was the Egoli Night of 2000 Stars. This was to celebrate their 2000th episode and it happened just before the year 2000. It was for 2000 guests and it was a great achievement. Since then it is hard to single out anything as we have done very successful events and fundraisers for Joburg Child Welfare, SA Guide Dogs Ball at Montecasino, Product of the Year Awards, APEX Awards and many many more.

Our very recent very exciting event that we have started and have run for 2 years is the CellC Playing for Pink which is in aid of breast cancer and is held at the Inanda Club. It has become a very important event on the Polo calendar.

Your style has been an inspiration to many, where do you find your own inspiration?

Edith: This is something that has always come naturally and I am not a frantic fashion follower. I create my own style and often like to add a little something to what I am wearing to give it a little bit of an edge. I had a wonderful mentor, my mother, who taught me to never be arrogant but rather humble and always to treat people with respect no matter who they were. This has been the foundation of my life.