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Who Is Perkolate Online?

"These days it's all about the look", says creative director, Marelise Jacobs. "Small business especially don't realise the value in an on-trend social media page, that links with an up-to-the-minute website. We can bring this contemporary feel to any business or individual serious about their social media persona."

The mag has created a loyal readership, providing impressive interviews with local English and Afrikaans musicians, TV and film personalities as well as some fascinating talks with professionals from science, business and design. Always done with a very cool look using the latest graphics, illustrations and funky design.

“Over the years spent working on Perkolate, we’ve learnt to specialise in illustration, exciting graphics and old-school good design to make your online presence rock," says Marelise. “We are excited to offer this service to clients wanting to improve their social media pages and website. As we are a small team we’re able to offer this service at an excellent price.”

Their offices are located in the beautiful Palazzo Towers at Montecasino, so if you find yourself in the neighbourhood - feel free to stop by and say hello. For custom-made quotes, contact the design studio at