Who Is Perkolate Online?

We are a creative mix of entertainment and business. What started as an online magazine has evolved into a company that now runs its own design studio catering for both the entertainment industry and the small business sector. Creator and owner of Perkolate Online, Marelise Jacobs, has been working in the publishing and design industry for more than ten years and brings with her a wealth of talent and experience.

The Perkolate Online Design Studio functions as the business side of the magazine and offers Social Media Design Packages, Digital Design as well as Digital Illustration. Garden variety graphic design such as stationary design, print and posters are also on offer.

Our Social Media Design Packages are specifically tailored for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube among others. “People often want to streamline their social media platforms and create the same look across the board. That’s where we come in.” explains Marelise. The packages are also available to small business and industry professionals who wish to advertise their events and services online.

“...People often want to streamline their social media platforms and create the same look across the board. That’s where we come in...” - Marelise Jacobs, creator of Perkolate Online.

What makes Perkolate Online different from the rest is our dedication to make our magazine the best variety of music news, interviews, special features and of course, our obsession with South African filmmakers and actors such as Chris Dos Santos and Louis Minnaar doing their thing internationally and back home.

“Each month we delve into a new industry through our Special Feature section. We have covered Interior Design with Marcia Margolius, Fashion with David Tlale, the Food and Travel Industry with the guys from Ultimate Braai Master and even Science Fiction with Lauren Beukes and NASA!” adds Marelise, who is not only the owner but also editor of the magazine.

While the Special Feature section is definitely one our favourites, we also bring you regular news and interviews from the music industry with artists from across the board including the mainstream guys and newcomers. The Kiffness, GoodLuck, Prime Circle's Neil Breytenbach and Tree 63's John Ellis have all been featured along with exciting up-and-coming musicians and bands such as Jozia, Hellcats and Southern Wild also dropping by.

Our offices are located in the beautiful Palazzo Towers at Montecasino, so if you find yourself in the neighbourhood - feel free to stop by and say hello. For possible contributions to the magazine, email Marelise Jacobs at mies@perkolate.co.za. For information and quote requests, contact the design studio at online@perkolate.co.za.